Tuesday, August 28, 2007


When faced with the last sushi rolls on the plate, Allegra eats the outside and I eat the inside. This is a metaphor for us.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I visit Orange County

Last weekend I visited my family in orange county. It was actually warm there, as opposed to foggy SF, and we took full advantage. We went swimming at Grandma's house and hung out there. She looks great!

(Allegra is actuallt standing on a stair here). You can tell where I get my height problems from, although grandma has lost about 6 inches due to osteoporosis.

I love this picture.

We also visited my mom's new lab, which was my sister's old bedroom. It is now full of teeth-making machinery.

My mom told us, with everyone bleaching the hell out of their teeth these days, they had to invent new (unnatural) colors of porcelain to match people's toilet bowl colored teeth.

My mom is hard-core, here with her gold-casting machinery.

We also spend a day at the beautiful Huntington Beach coast, with picturesque power plant in the background.

Allegra and I went swimming in the ocean for the first time ever together. What fun!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Taylor comes to San Francisco!

My amazing niece came to San Francisco last week. We had a blast.
She experimented with some new foods, and ate at some of my favorite restaurants.

Sea Lions at pier 39 are always a must-see for out of towners.

She brought good weather along, and we had some of the clearest days of the summer.

Shelly, her grandma, made this wonderful trip possible. Thank you Shelly! We had a great time together, and it was truly a pleasure to see my niece. I wish we could spend more time together!

Jerry Day

Did I mention we went to Jerry Day when Allegra's mom visited? Apparently Jerry Garcia grew up in the Excelsior in San Francisco, and every year they celebrate him in MacLaren Park with a jam band concert. Amazing. Never seen so much tie dye in my life!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spit Upon

Allegra and I were walking down the stairs to the church street muni station when, to our surprise, a man standing at the top of the stairs spit towards (on) us. It was very startling. His aim was bad, lucky for us, but it really disturbed me. We looked straight at the guy trying to discern what it was that caused him to do it. He looked at us like nothing had happened. Weird.

More to come soon.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Muir Woods

This weekend we went to Muir Woods with Allegra's mom. In an ambitious move, we take Muni the the Ferry Building, The Ferry to Sausalito, the Shuttle to Muir Woods. Then reverse. We stumbled to dinner 7 hours later.

The ferry to saulsalito goes by Angel Island there, and by the backside of alcatraz on the way home. Very cool.
.Allegra got tired.

Some redwoods in muir woods are up to 225 feet high, 14 feet around.

Allegra's mom was a real trooper throughout the marathon day.

As we returned we watched the fog approach on our heels. Amazing.