Saturday, August 25, 2007

I visit Orange County

Last weekend I visited my family in orange county. It was actually warm there, as opposed to foggy SF, and we took full advantage. We went swimming at Grandma's house and hung out there. She looks great!

(Allegra is actuallt standing on a stair here). You can tell where I get my height problems from, although grandma has lost about 6 inches due to osteoporosis.

I love this picture.

We also visited my mom's new lab, which was my sister's old bedroom. It is now full of teeth-making machinery.

My mom told us, with everyone bleaching the hell out of their teeth these days, they had to invent new (unnatural) colors of porcelain to match people's toilet bowl colored teeth.

My mom is hard-core, here with her gold-casting machinery.

We also spend a day at the beautiful Huntington Beach coast, with picturesque power plant in the background.

Allegra and I went swimming in the ocean for the first time ever together. What fun!