Saturday, March 29, 2008

cataract creek

In Marin there is some amazing hiking a few miles out of the town of Fairfax. The entire trail is straight uphill, but there is waterfall after waterfall the whole way!
The entire trail is also shaded (which you are thankful for since it is so demanding) and culminates in a beautiful meadow where you can lunch at picnic tables and use the questionable latrine.
Definitely a must see.

famous people like allegra and jesus

Easter weekend we were graced with Allegra's Dad and Debbie's presence. They bought us this wonderful kitchen island! It is my new favorite thing. We can play
(mini) ping pong on it.

Allegra's mug is now on a billboard in SF at Valencia and Market streets. Its like 20 ft tall, just her face!

Another Easter brings another hunky jesus contest! This was the best year yet, with the inevitable win by "fewest clothes jesus."But I always hope cross-carrying jesus will win.

Hiking in East Bay Hills

We have been exploring our new neighborhood, including some amazing hiking just a few miles away in the hills. We went to Chabot regional park (although we thought we were in redwood) and saw some huge cows, really close up (too nervous to get out the camera for that). Andy wanted to pet them. I said no.

Its a really goregous spot, and at the top, there are some great views.

Friday, March 7, 2008

home sweet oakland

Look mom! new house pictures!

This is my new beautiful kitchen! notice the dishwasher!

Our bedroom has super high ceilings and tons of light.
The bathrooms (yes thats 2!) are immaculate!
Now everyone has to come visit because we have room for guests!